The Recall Failed! Cheers! (Morning Update)

The recall failed! We do not live in Pottersville!

Debra Schnabel won, Norm Smith won, Jerry Lapp won, and Stephanie Scott is ahead of Jan Hill in the mayoral race by 30 votes, and the 40 question , fax, and mailed in absentee ballots still to be counted will decide that one. They will be counted on October 11. Here are the results from the Haines Borough Clerk's office.

I'm glad I worked with the No recall campaign. It was a positive experience that made me pretty sure that Haines is much less divided than some folks think. Sure, we disagree on politics and social issues, and we should. That's what makes this small-town easier to live in and a lot more dynamic than the stereotypical small-towns. We are not all alike and often new ideas and ways of doing things rub off. Sometimes we change our minds. We don't all go to the same church (or any church) or belong to the same clubs or read the same books. I sometimes wish that we could agree on more things -- and this morning it looks like we do.  Maybe it is a trend? This election mirrors the Sheinberg survey, which also shows that more of us agree on more  things than our leaders and pundits on left and the right, think. With that in mind, the new assembly should be cautious of what our founding fathers called "the tyranny of the majority," and govern in a way that makes the best decisions for our entire community, even the folks who didn't vote for them. 


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