Light the Night Tonight

 I'm in charge of the hot cider for tonight's first ever luminary walk in remembrance of friends and family who have died. It begins at the school track at 7 and lasts until 9. My friend Beth is bringing a patio heater, and the tent from the Nash wedding this summer will be set up, along with Tiki torches (where they came from I'm not sure) and of course lovely luminary candles in bags of sand that we hope the wind and rain won't blow out. (Actually, it's supposed to be cloudy, not wet, tonight.) Please join Hospice of Haines for the luminary walk. It's a nice excuse to walk with friends, silently or perhaps chatting-- and a good way to kindle up fond memories and be with other people doing the same thing. We hope it becomes an October tradition.  In other news, the gillnet season ended yesterday, today is the last chance to get that moose until next year, the Haines Pioneers hold a bake and rummage sale 9-1 at the Senior Center tomorrow, Olerud's has their big sale all day Saturday, and singer song-writer Tracy Spring will perform Sunday at 7pm in the Chilkat Center Lobby.



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