Small World

This  morning I asked my husband what was going on in town and he said, "nothing, everybody's getting out of here." Well, we're still here. But at the library board meeting yesterday we didn't have a quorum as board members are on trips  or the start of annual winter vacations. But here's something heartening- thanks to Skype we can all still meet as soon as the travelers have landed somewhere with Internet. It's amazing how small the world is becoming. Last week, I emailed the Haines AK website guru, James Alborough, and asked that he add the women's chorus practice schedule (Thurs. 6-7pm at the museum) to the community calendar and he emailed me back "no problem" and wrote that a web design client of his down south was reading If You Lived Here, and was impressed that James was in it. "Small world," James typed. I typed back that thanks in large part to his work, it was. I can keep in touch now with people all over the place. Then he wrote back how true that was--"I am in Tahiti." He wasn't kidding. And I thought he was in his little house up on the ridge across the road, looking at the same view I was of Pyramid Island.

Here's what's happening (in spite of what my husband says, there's a lot) this week: Today is Alaska Day, the day Russian Alaska became American Alaska in a ceremony in Sitka in 1867. State and local government offices and facilities are closed. That means the library isn't open today. The museum is getting new carpet so the galleries are closed until Oct. 21.There is still yoga tonight in the Chilkat Center at 5:15, the Alcohol Task Force meets tonight at 6:00 in the assembly chambers. Chief Lowe would especially like teens to attend. Marnie is back for Morning Muscles Thursday at 6am. This weekend there are home volleyball games and wrestling matches, the 5th grade is having a spaghetti feed at 4:30 on Saturday at the school cafeteria. Also, the annual Klukwan Jilkatt Kwaan Heritage Center Benefit Dinner and Auction is Saturday night at the Klukwan ANS. It is a wonderful event, with great food and auction items for a good cause. Tickets are available at the Babbling Book, which I bet is open even on Alaska Day. If you are headed out to feed the chickens wear rain gear. It is blowing and raining buckets out there.


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