Jump and Sing

Krista Kielsmeier, the intrepid cub reporter from Iowa at the Chilkat Valley News, is trying to get a women's basketball league going, and is hoping to see all players at the school gym tonight from 7-8:30 when the regular open gym begins. She tried to recruit me, because I'm tall, but that's about all I have in common with basketball players, so instead I promised her I'd remind you. It has been a busy week at the paper for me, with three obituaries. Popular postal clerk (she worked for 37 years at the Haines PO) and Chilkat weaver Edith Jacquot passed away last Wednesday and her funeral was Saturday. She was 78 and had been sick a while. When Edith began at the post office in 1951 she was the second employee, and the mail from Skagway was often dropped from  a plane onto a field behind the school. Mosquito Lake resident Linda Anderson died of lung cancer, she too and had been very sick.  Linda was familiar to Main St. shoppers as she worked for years at Chilkoot Gardens, and was a  huge dog lover (she adopted stray dogs and had up to 13 for a while.) The potluck celebration of her life will be out at 35 on the old Haines Highway at 3pm on Sunday. If you have questions, call her friend Carrie Kinison. Tiny Cranston, one of Judson and Daisy Cranston's 13 children also died of lung cancer. She bartended for 20 years or so on South Franklin St. in Juneau, mostly at the Imperial. She didn't really live here, but had family ties to the Chilkat Valley. Her ashes were buried in a bentwood box carved by her cousin, next to her grandmother Minnie Johnson in Yakutat last weekend. I hope Krista gets women out to play ball. If I could play I would. I'll take a long walk with my neighbor instead this afternoon. There is something about writing obituaries in the fall, with winter creeping down the mountains as the leaves fall, that makes you want to use your body while you can to jump, or walk, or sing. I'm looking forward to choir practice tonight. It will probably be in the church next door to the museum again, since the new carpet is still being installed. Last week we rehearsed in the sanctuary. It was holier and quieter than usual, which could have been a coincidence, but I don't think so. Being in a church may have prompted several woman there to ask for prayers, good vibes, and kind thoughts for friends and family members before we sang our warm-up, Dona Nobis Pacem or Grant us Peace. We all felt closer afterward, and I think, our burdens were lightened.

(We'll sing Dona Nobis Pacem at the International Day of Peace Potluck next Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 6 in the school cafeteria.)





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