The Difference Between Two and 52

This is the difference between two and 52: when you are two you can push an empty stroller all day long and everyone thinks you are adorable,  but if you do that when you are 52 you are either a bag lady or a terrible grandma who has misplaced  the baby. (I had walked baby Caroline home from our house in the stroller, and then gotten a ride back, so I'd left it there, which is why I was walking home the other morning with an empty baby buggy, and why when my neighbor McCoy hollered from his porch "keep pushing that baby Grandma" I told him there was no baby, and started to explain, and then we both laughed. It may also be why so many of my other neighbors waved cheerfully, then slowed down and looked concerned. To their credit, no one actually stopped a car to let me know I'd lost the baby - at least I hope they do not think I am gaga enough to do that. )

In other news, The Haines Arts Council presents the Sweet Plantain String Quartet tomorrow at 7pm at the Chilkat Center,  they are supposed to be terrific-- blending classical, jazz and Latin styles. Weds. at 6pm is the Chilkat Valley Peace Prize awards ceremony and potluck in the school cafeteria. Also, the Haines Packing Co. cannery is having an end of the season sale out there, so you can stock the freezer, from 1-4 today through Weds. They'll have specials on salmon jerky, pepperoni, and smoked and fresh/frozen salmon.


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