Morning Miracles

"Just another morning here. It's a miracle and it comes around every single day of the year."- Nanci Griffiths

In October, after a storm, it is good to take an inventory, upon waking, of the miracles in your own home.

An electric light that brightens the hall with the flick of a switch,

Cool water from the tap,

Banked coals glowing in the woodstove,

Coffee brewing.

A gentle old retriever who has not died in the night, and is willing to be coaxed into standing up and staggering outside.

It is just you two in companionable silence out there in the windy rain of pre-dawn.

The raincoat over your pajamas just another miracle.

The hens murmur in the coop. The tide ebbs. The wind blows through the spruce trees. The school bus labors up the hill.

Just another morning here. 

Later, in the kitchen, while you sip that coffee and read the news,

the big old dog will groan in his sleep and you will look up

just in time to see one apple on a bare tree, hanging on for dear life.

Just another morning.

Just another miracle.





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