Darkness Falls

It is so dark these days, ever since we fell back an hour, and then it snowed and rained and iced all up, that I feel like my head is in a bucket. I am grateful that I don't have vertigo, which seems to be going around among my friends and relatives. As a preventative, last night I climbed into bed at 8. Reading. But still. Morning Muscles arrived early, and then we had the Big Brothers Big Sisters lunch at noon, and I am on a deadline for the February Woman's Day column, which is all a lame excuse for not keeping in better touch. I'm going to walk up to the library now, to check in with the Friends holiday decorating crew. (The annual lighting is the Friday after Thanksgiving, but they are wrapping garland with lights and making decorations every day now. You are welcome to help.) In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of  Caroline and the trick or treating hens.




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