Love that Snow

My friend has a daycare, and the big first snow has thrilled all her little charges.But that means snow suits, boots, mittens, hats-- for about a dozen toddlers. By the time she gets the last one dressed and out the door the first one is ready to come in.  She says it's wearing her out,  " Finally,  I told them all, if you have to pee just go in your pants." It's easier to do laundry than start all over. She was kidding. Of course. Don't you think?  Grown-ups like to play in the snow, too.  My friend Paul (74) and I broke the trail up to the microwave tower, across the ridge, and down through the moose meadow. It was waist deep up there. Also, the Lily Lake road trail is open. Better get out today though, since more snow is on the way. There's a winter storm warning for another foot, and lots of wind and bitter cold this time from tonight at 6 till tomorrow at 9.  In other news, the first new borough assembly meeting is tonight at 6:30,  the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation awards grants and hosts a donor appreciation evening tomorrow night at the Chilkat Center at 7, and the Women's Club Christmas Bazaar is Saturday at 10 in the school gym. I'll miss it, because I'll be in Juneau, signing books at Hearthside in the Nugget Mall from 1-3. Also, visiting Naturopathic Dr. Robyn Barlow is seeing patients in the acupuncture office on Main St. this week. She still has some space available. With the cell phones and long distance service down, the generators at the Sullivan repeater quit, maybe you could check in with Robyn's mom, art teacher Linnus Danner, to see how to contact her?


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