Snow Day


Well, there's a lot of snow out there this morning, and the wind has picked up, making the Haines Highway "undrivable" according to Chef Adam, who waded over to the radio station and turned it on to tell us  that school is closed and that Haines Friends of Recycling's annual meeting and potluck has been canceled until the spring. Adam, who cooks at the Fireweed all summer, is now my favorite radio-man. He just said to stoke the fire, play Scrabble and look in the cupboard and get creative for dinner. I can't cancel Stoli's birthday, she is 21 today. The coffee cake is made and I have quiche fixings for the brunch I planned for her. She may be able to come, if I can string a rope across the blowing tundra that was my garden to her little house. Fran might make it, she is on the other side, hunkered down in her frosted igloo, and with school canceled Linnus can snowshoe from her snow island across the road. That's a party, right?  We planned an early celebration because Sarah and I are supposed to take the little ferry LeConte to Juneau this evening to visit Eliza, and I have a book signing at Hearthside Saturday 1-3. Adam just said there is a winter storm warning for 50 knot winds. We might  not want to be on that boat. Actually, we might not be able to drive to the ferry terminal. Adam just said, "Stay put. A job or a trip to the grocery store is  not worth risking your life for." I guess I'll just make a another cup of coffee and let him keep me company. I'll call the kids. The phones still work.  There's nothing to do but stay. Which is not a bad thing at all. 


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