Te and Bread

 Er, eh, te, zed, id... I was "dinged to death" as my mother would have said at Scrabble last night. I walked out onto the road and across the way to the neighbors, taking the plowed driveway route rather than the usual garden path, since there is five feet of drifting snow. It was cold too, single digits, but the stars were out, and I had a head lamp, and thanks to all that shoveling, lugging a bag with a cast iron pot of soup, bread, a bottle of wine, and my slippers was not too difficult. My friend Tom had to hike out from his cabin, two miles into the frigid northerly. He arrived announcing that he'd like a hot shower, singing Christmas carols, with egg nog.His wife Jane had spent the day in town, and our host Linnus and her daughter, a doctor visiting this week from California also joined us. My husband has been deer hunting for ten days down in Elfin Cove with no cell service. He's with Fireman Al, so I figure he's fine. Two days ago we had all kind of holed up in the blizzard. Our homes became snow caves. I baked and made way too much soup, which explains why I carried the leftovers to the neighbors'. Then, I thought I might never leave the comfort of my warm house. Two days later I'm over it. This is winter, and just the way it is, and the way it will be until April. It's time to break the trails and ski and snowshoe. Put the headlamp on and walk to the meeting if the car is bermed in. I doubt we'll have anymore snow days, no matter how bad it gets. I'll miss the thrill of surviving it all.  Still, if the forecasters are right we'll have more snow than usual (and we are off to a record setting start) and it will be colder (so far, so good, it's about 3 degrees)  which means more Scrabble games. That means I need to study up on those two letter words. Honestly, "te"? It is a musical note on the scale, as Tom sang, "Te, a drink with jam and bread..."  Look it up. He's right, and that's why he won.




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