Lighting a Winter Wonderland

 I told my husband no one would be at the annual Lighting of the Library, and that we had better get there on time.  The latest snow was shin deep and falling hard. Then again, since it was about the fifth storm, and not as big as two of the others, we are getting used to it. Sort of.  As of Saturday morning we have officially had nine feet of snow this month. Nine feet in really about two weeks-- My friend Paul measures it for the weather service office in Juneau in his backyard on Union Street, next to the Salvation Army downtown. It makes me wonder how much snow we have to get to make the news. This morning just 30 inches in Anchorage for the month  (not even a yard!) made the front page of the Alaska Dispatch. They think that's a lot?  I know this is Alaska, but still, Haines' snow has to be some sort of record. At the same time, life goes on, and as it turns out there was a big crowd at the lighting, bigger than I can recall- babies, elders, folks from all the way out in Klukwan made the trip (one friend from the village said the cold was getting to her, it has been 30 below.) We milled around, chatted and ate and then, when the tree that Frankie Jones and her elves decorated was officially lit by Mayor Stephanie Scott, we cheered and sang, in a nice loud happy voice, all together, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."  Which, from the looks of it, we will be doing until spring.












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