Snow on Snow on Snow

 Short Term Forecast




Really, is there anymore to say this morning?  Okay, "1-2 feet of additional snow" might be good to know. And the dreaded word "warmer" and "highs near 34"  which means we need to get the snow off the roofs. When we were measuring snow in inches I kept counting on my fingers and toes-- you know, 47 inches equals how many feet? Or 4-6 inches of new snow on top of 61 inches is how deep? (I never had to learn the 12s in my multiplication tables, our school stopped at 11s.) At least now even the weather service is using simpler math-- feet. Actually we could switch to metric and just start adding up the meters of snow fall. Maybe we'll do that when we officially break 10 feet, which, judging from the looks of my yard, we did last night. Yesterday the official season total was an even 9 feet. Today we are due 1-2 more feet. The only for word for it is awesome.





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