Give Twice, Shop Locally

I was in the bookstore yesterday, signing a stack of my books for Liz, who owns the place,  when Debra said she liked my jacket. It is bright green and very visible. I apologized right away, I had not bought it locally, my daughter got it for me on a big on-line sale, my girls all agreed I needed to spiff up some, and the color would help keep me safe walking in the gloaming northern light. Debra laughed. She said that the consciousness to "shop at home" must be raising if we feel we need to apologize when we don't. Still, I was wearing the nifty snow skirt I bought at Buckshot & Bobby Pins, the gift shop next door to the bookstore, and Smartwool socks from Olerud's store. Every year I mail smoked salmon gift fillets from Dejon Delights, and I got that done yesterday, too. Before I leave for my trip I'll stock up at the bookstore. Everyone loves a small town Christmas scene, with independently owned stores and eateries trimmed and twinkling for the holidays. We have that in Haines. But most of them are barely hanging on this time of year. Thoreau famously wrote that his firewood warmed him twice, once in the cutting and once in the burning. When you buy locally from independent stores, you can give twice-- once to your friends and family, and once to your community. You'll help keeps the light on. So far, I haven't received any Christmas cards featuring an Amazon warehouse, a Costco anchored mall,  or a Home Depot rising from a 40 acre parking lot,  have you? What's not to love about a festive little local shop all dressed up for the holidays? Also, the Venture Scouts are selling lovely Noble fir trees to support all their great trips -Africa, Ecuador. Who knows where next?- at our family store,  Lutak Lumber. Stop by and get one if you aren't in the mood to cut your own, and check out the new yellow-white LED Christmas lights, splitting malls, and the snow-scoop shovels that make clearing the walks and driveways so much easier on your back. 





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