Amazonville is the new Pottersville.

Good thing everyone around here will be too busy to fret about or participate in the worst holiday “promotion” since Mr. Potter stole Uncle Billy’s deposit from George Bailey’s crummy old savings and loan.

Last night we had a great choir practice for tomorrow’s singing at the museum’s holiday open house from 1-4. We’ll be there at 1:30, performing a few special songs and helping with the community caroling. (After stocking up at the Catholic Church for cookies by pound form 10-2.) Merchants are happy to help you with your gift lists, the mayor is serving free cocoa to fortify you, and the parade is once again at 4:30, with the annual gifts-for-grub meal at the Legion afterward. Bring a new, unwrapped gift for a needy child and recieve a free meal. It's small-town life at its best, and hopefully the kind of traditions that will survive the latest attack from a huge on-line retailer.

This week announced that customers who go into bricks-and-mortar stores tomorrow-- Saturday, December 10—anywhere in the country-- and use the company’s Smartphone price-check app on select products, and then purchase that product-- not from Mom and Pop or for that matter Chip or Mike or Liz or Mary Jean or Bev or Candi or Doug--—but from Amazon, will receive a discount of up to $5.

That’s right; Amazon is giving its customers a 5-dollar bounty to pay you not to shop locally. If it works, the only holiday lights you’ll see in the small-towns of Christmas future will be the blue glow of computer screens.

Still, it's not too late for Amazon's executives to do the right thing. Hopefully they'll re-read one of their seasonal bestsellers, A Christmas Carol, and like Scrooge, save themselves from the eternal burden of the massive chains they are now forging.

 Where is George Bailey when we need him? 

The good news is he’s right here, and he is sometimes a she. You are George Bailey. If you don’t take Amazon’s offer, it won’t work and the Bedford Falls of everywhere will not become Amazonville.



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