Joy to the World

 At choir practice Thursday night Nancy handed out a new song, Silent Night/Peace on Earth. She said she got the idea from one of our newer members, who, it turns out, sang with a touring Disney musical in Japan. The Silent Night arrangement was written for Disney's  Lady and the Tramp in 1953. Before they learned that, they both thought the title had something to do with silent moonbeams. Turns out Nancy found pages and pages on the Silent as a Moonbeam Mattress instead,  which of course caused laughter all around. Luckily she finally found what she was looking for, and we learned it quickly-- and it is a really wonderful round worthy of her effort.  We will be singing it, along with other seasonal selections, at the museum today at 1:30 as part of the community holiday celebrations. We have much to be thankful for. It stopped raining, for starters, and the skies cleared last night making the lunar eclipse early this morning worth waking up for. The big news though, is that Holly Davis, who was born at Christmas and keeps it in her heart all year long as the delightful and musical Children's librarian (she had all the two-year-olds singing  Joy to the World just a week ago at storytime) -- and who has a husband named Matthew,  and three sons named Mark, Luke, and John-- gave birth to the baby girl she had so wished to have this week in Juneau.  Pastor Ron Horn joked she should be named Acts, and no, they didn't name her Mary either. She is Elizabeth Margaret, and I hear she will be called Meg. Joy to the World. 



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