The Song of Sisters

To travel from Sayulita, Mexico to Haines, Alaska takes two days in the best of all scenarios-- and luckily we arrived home just before the big New Year's storm. (The snow was over our tallest boots by yesterday afternoon. So deep that Roger and Nancy and the boys had to drive a loader over for dinner last night, but that's another story.) We left Mexico and flew to Seattle Wednesday, spent the night at an airport hotel, flew to Juneau Thursday morning, and then the two husbands took a six seater plane home to Haines in stormy weather to get back to work. We girls- that would be me, "Mimi", granddaughter CC, and three daughters (two of whom are pregnant, one is due in March, the other in May)- opted to ride the more stable ferry home Friday morning. We all stayed at my oldest daughter's home in Juneau overnight with her playful 6 month old golden retriever Annie, who the baby has nicknamed "Stop It." I managed to catch the Mexican stomach thing on the jet on the way home, and CC was tired, so we took a long nap. I woke before the baby, but didn't want to disturb her. The guest futon is about as firm as  a taco, and we were folded up together in a way that I could not have moved without disturbing her. So I half-listened to the murmurs and laughter of my daughters. It was better than Christmas carols. They had bought hair highlighting kits at the grocery store on the way back from the airport and were doing each others hair, baking cookies, and playing their favorite music upstairs in the kitchen/living room. Out the big windows the lights of snowy Juneau twinkled on the other side of the channel. Both the new babies will be girls, which means CC will also have a sister and that they will have a girl cousin to grow up with. That also means I'll be listening to this song of sisters for  the rest of my life. It is a tune that never grows old. 


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