Snow on Snow

All I can say is it's a good thing I didn't slide in the ditch this morning, since I was wearing a flowered flannel nightgown with Xtra Tuffs. I would have had some explaining to do. JJ needed a ride up and over the hill to Sarah's to babysit, and that seemed simple enough in the pre-dawn kitchen, until we had to wade out to the garage in knee deep snow. We figured we could surf the Subaru out the driveway and land on a firm road, but there was even more snow out there. Still, once we were committed, we kept driving in a slow, fish tail way seeking the ruts of others. Thank goodness that at the last minute I did pull on some workout pants under my nightie, remembering the late Harold Hopper's famous words to live by in Alaska, "Dress for the weather not the vehicle." (Well, my nightgown is warm, and I had a hat, mittens, and a down coat on, too.)  The thing is, this isn't even a snow storm. This is just another January morning. The weather service has posted a winter storm warning for tonight beginning at 5 pm for serious weather. The kind that is a threat to life and property. So, batten down the hatches,  fill up the stew pot-- and call a friend in the lower 48 and brag about how tough you are.  I just heard my husband slam the door carrying an arm load of wood. " It's a twister, Dorothy," he said, which means it is high time I got some real clothes on in case the roof blows off. 


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