Bartlett Beginnings

 They call the new obstetric wing of the Bartlett hospital "Bartlett Beginnings". The birthing rooms are the kind I had hoped to have when I was injured and in a nursing home. They are big and airy with wood floors and a tall wall of windows. But the best thing is the people, especially the nurses. Sarah dubbed Margie "Nurse Google", because she said she knew the answers to all of her questions. "You are better than my laptop," Sarah told her. Here is a Nurse Google rule worth sharing: never put a baby to sleep with polar fleece blankets, no matter how warm and soft they may feel. A baby can't breath through the dense synthetic if they stick their face in one. Nurse Google said to only use cotton, or wool weaves in the crib, the kind of blankets your grandma made.  Eliza is knitting one for Caroline right now.
We couldn't get ourselves organized for this morning's ferry home, so we'll take tomorrow's LeConte. In the meantime, you can read the birth story at the Alaska Dispatch tomorrow. (I had a column due in the middle of all is.) Luckily, my regular column has been moved to Sunday, so the timing was perfect.


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