First Day of School and a Wedding

It's a big week. JJ has her first day of kindergarten today. She was up early, ate poached eggs, packed a pumpkin muffin for her snack, and wore her favorite dress with tights and boots and a warm coat.  I dropped her off a little before eight, since she wanted to be early, and cautioned her that since she'd be jumping into a class that has known each other all year, it may be hard to make friends, but you know JJ, she wasn't worried a bit. It helps that she's 21 instead of  five, and that she'll be a student-teacher known, no doubt, as Miss Joanna. If this isn't exciting enough, her sister Stoli is getting married on Friday afternoon. Yes, I know it's the 13th, but she and Nels say it is their lucky day. It is a small family affair (in more ways than one, since Stoli is expecting a baby girl in March) but between us and the Lynches that makes about 40. Still, we want everything to be what Stoli wants,  since she is our princess, so we are busy around here. 


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