More Snow?

I keep reminding myself that snow is not news in Alaska. But little Cordova down in Prince William Sound is all over the national papers, radio, and even TV. They have had 15.5 feet of snow this winter, but have run out of snow shovels. As of Sunday, Haines has had 17.2 feet (I think we've had another foot or so  since then) but luckily we have not run of shovels or heavy equipment or places to shove the snow piles. And as my husband says, we don't really have to get anywhere on time anyway so we can wait to get the roads and paths cleared. (Haines is for all practical purposes its own time zone.) But I was on time, or close, within ten minutes anyway, for Holly and baby Meg's shower at the library this morning. Quite a few folks didn't make it, what with the newest snow storm still swirling, and the power going out, but we had a nice time giving tiny black-haired Meg pink things (she has three older brothers) and hearing about her birth in a bath tub. (In the Juneau birthing center.) I'd tell you more, but I've got to make up the futon in the den and think about lunch now-- the rest of my family are arriving on the Juneau ferry any minute. Which means, as my daughter Sarah said, "the party is starting." In this, the snow is kind of nice. I'm looking forward to being snowed in with a house full-- and the snowy, cozy, wedding on Friday afternoon. 



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