Happy Tuesday (as we say in Morning Muscles)

 A daughter's wedding Friday, a granddaughter's second birthday party Sunday, and Monday night an Arts Council potluck for "Asteria," a husband and wife duo from Brooklyn who play the lute and sing early Renaissance music (actually 1350-1400 Anglo/French compositions.) They like Alaska and have been here twice, both times in January. Which makes them practically native, since a fair amount of Alaskans haven't been here in January. Anyway, they played a song before we ate, and it was so beautiful that the Arts Council president suddenly kissed his wife. We all had goose bumps and not from the cold. (The fire was nice and warm.)Which means you don't want to  miss the concert if you are in Haines- it is tonight at 7 at the Chilkat Center-  and that you should be very careful where you sit. I just couldn't believe that in the same place-- my living room-- I have watched a daughter cut a wedding cake, a granddaughter laugh and open presents, and now world class musicians perform, all in less than a week. I will tell you about the wedding, I promise, but today I have to write an obituary for Francis Smalley (53, organ failure, the dental office manager, she was stylish and spontaneous, and a Native of the Dominican Republic), a column about the wedding for Woman's Day, and take the last of the wedding gang, my son, to the ferry. (He's heading back to snowy Mt. Baker to snowboard.)  There's that, and the fire needs tending (our coldest day yet) and an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy is arriving tomorrow. I'd also like to take a walk on the Ripinsky Trail. The snowshoe route to the tower and along the ridge is perfectly packed and there's no wind in there. (And people wonder what we do to stay busy in small-town Alaska in the winter.)




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