More Snow!

Okay, so that is not news. It was pretty funny though, when the sun rose yesterday and we once again couldn't see the chicken coop. Then my neighbor Betty called to tell me it was waist deep at her house. "I give you permission to skip church," she said. I could snowshoe. 26 of us had hiked up to Lilly Lake and back on Saturday as part of the Well& Fit community fitness challenge, just as the storm was beginning. I could have walked. But then I got the call that began, "I never thought I'd say this, but we're canceling church today. No one can get there." Our church is small enough that we can phone everyone. And in truth, some of us could have gotten there, but I think we are all getting a little weary of the Sunday storms. It was fun for a while, but at 19.5 feet and rising the novelty is wearing off. Still, last night, once the roads were sort of cleared, and we'd done our best to open the driveways ( the trouble is we are running out of places to put the snow) the Teluride Film Festival drew a full house to Harriet Hall at the Fairgrounds. I sat next to a friend who had recently returned from holidays with family back east. She said she was beginning to wonder why she lived here. Her old farmhouse was cozy, but it was about as light these days as a snow cave.  Then the first film came on and it was of a group of extreme skiers,  right here in Haines. It was beautiful. It's amazing to think that this is our hometown.This is why we live here, I thought. (Well, I've never dropped off our mountains on skis, but I like to look at them and hike in them. Truthfully, I even like this snow, it is so lovely and softening and clean. I just wish my back wasn't so sore from moving it.) While it is fun to see your hometown on the big screen,  I would have watched old black and white cartoons just to have a night at the movies in January with popcorn and local beer and so much good company. Yup, it is  snowing again,  and there is snow in the forecast for every day this week.  I'm sure that won't stop anyone from getting to the basketball games tonight, if only to sit next to friends and talk about all this weather. The boys play Wrangell at 5 (JV) and 6:30 (V).  



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