On the Bright Side

Here is the difference between November and January: In November when it snows a foot we cancel 6am Morning Muscles class. In January, we look out the window, pull on our boots and coats, take a fifteen minute warm-up thanks to the fresh snow to get the car out or cleaned off, and then, just to be on the safe side, we throw a shovel in the back of the car and bust out through the berms and slip and slide up and over the hill to get some exercise before we come home to shovel out more thoroughly.  That's the nice thing about all this January snow, it keeps us in shape. Also,  while in November it gets darker each day, in January we gain light every morning, and especially evening-- about three minutes a day-- and that, along with home basketball games (the boys won last night in a thrilling way, and play again tonight at 6:30) is enough to keep me looking on the bright side, even if I can't always see over the snow berms.


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