Snowy Scenes of an Epic Alaskan Winter

 My daughter JJ is back home for the semester student teaching in the Haines kindergarten before she receives her degree in May. She calls us "the three best friends." We have been snowshoeing or walking after she gets out each day. Yesterday we couldn't drive to any of the trail heads thanks to all the latest snowfall, so we walked around town, checking out the snowy winter scene. She said the best thing about winter is that the days end early, which means we have that nice two hour lull from sunset to suppertime when we can't do much of anything.  But this winter the extra hours are filling fast thanks to all the shoveling. In Morning Muscles today Marnie gave us shoveler's stretches and even a mini lesson in proper form: Lean over, then stick your butt out and engage your abs, put one foot forward and reach with the opposite arm, bend your knees, scoop, lift and twist. Then repeat until you can find your car, or house, or the steps. JJ is singing in the shower as she prepares for another day at school. I bet they'll make snowmen today, and forts and mazes and play king of the hill. The snow is the perfect consistency for playground construction projects. Which is why that guy who said everything he knows he learned in kindergarten is right. What's a better way to face the day? Groaning about the weight of the snow, or shaping it into a sculpture to make the whole neighborhood happy? Who doesn't love a carrot-nosed snowman? Maybe that's how we'll spend that lull after school this evening. Heck, we can probably make a whole snow family before we go to the girls basketball game tonight. In the meantime, I thought you might to come along on yesterday's walk with us from my other daughter's apartment above the lumberyard around about a three mile town loop.



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