Pearl Visits Kindergarten

Pearl is getting a lot of attention. My friend Sabine gave her two tubs of homemade food, one of beef and vegetables and another of salmon and oats. She really likes it, and so does Phoebe, the grumpy old terrier who has also been charmed by Pearl.(This is big, since Phoebe isn't very fond of any of us.) Pearl has been successfully crate trained and is discovering her world. She has learned about wind and rain. (She has only known snow.)  Yesterday she met my Little Sister and the kids from the library after school program and took her first real walk on the leash in a rainy gale down to my neighbor Betty's house. Betty is 79, and has two cats. One charged into the kitchen to see us, stopped with a big arch and a hiss but when Pearl sat down and looked at her, paused. Pearl didn't bark or back up. She just watched her in her curious but calm way. The cat stayed in the kitchen, hackles down, for our entire visit. Today Pearl and I were show and tell subjects for  the Kindergarten. She met them much the same way, but with a lot more wagging. Everyone who greets Pearl melts just a bit-- she is easy to love-- and she returns the affection. There is a lesson here for people. February is women's heart health awareness month. A puppy like Pearl is very good for hearts young and old, human and animal.


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