I'm on Puppy Time

I'm on puppy time these days. Eat, "go," play, nap, and repeat. Which means I haven't been keeping you updated, much. I apologize. I have to spend the moments I can steal during nap time to write the stuff I'm paid for. I know, who knew writers had to work? The good news is, we are all doing very well and last night Pearl slept until the coffee pot went on at five. (The bad news is that I was awake listening for  her all night and kept checking to see if she was still breathing-- just like I did when my children were newborns.) Tonight I plan to sleep, and that means tomorrow I may fill you in on what's been going on-- what with the storm  (90 mph winds at a friend's hillside home snapped 200-300 year old trees right off), the sunshine (Saturday, after all the windy rain it was spring and everyone was outside in the 40 degree sunshine walking, jogging and even riding bikes on the stretches of bare pavement), and basketball. (The boys won both games against the Metlakatla Chiefs this weekend, the girls split their series with the Miss Chiefs. The team name is not controversial, as Metlakatla is the only Indian reservation in Alaska and the mostly Native Alaskans who live there like it.) Anyway, I will do better to keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some snapshots of life with Pearl. (There are not as many as you'd think, since I have treats, toys, or a leash in my hand just about all the time, and that makes it hard to carry the camera.)



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