Some Things Don't Change

 I have been working on an obituary for Helen Fenn. She was 98 when she died last week at the Sitka Pioneer Home. Helen was born on a homestead three miles from the Clifton train station in Colorado. Her first memories were of tall grass and a lot of buffalo. When the family took a horse and wagon to the nearest town, 14 miles away,  it took all day. Helen, her husband and parents came to southeast Alaska during the depression and she stayed. operating a small gift store, Helen's Shop, first in Petersburg then here in Haines. Of course every life is unique,  but I can't help thinking of the way the the world changed in Helen's lifetime. From telegrams to Skype. Horse and wagon to space ships. Chalk boards to iPads and everything in between.  I can't believe another generation will see such rapid changes in the way we live-- But some things do stay the same. Helen came to Haines from neat and tidy Petersburg, a prosperous fishing town, where she noted all the buildings were painted creamy white. When she arrived here, she said it looked like  a ghost town, the buildings were all gray weathered wood. The whole town needed a coat of paint, or at least a whitewash, but she said, "there were a lot of good people."  This weekend is a kind of community open house at the Karl Ward Gym thanks to the annual Dick Hotch mens city league basketball tournament, the Glacier Bear boys will also play Whitehorse on Friday and Saturday, the times still need to be worked out. No doubt there will be many good people out and about, watching games and chatting in the stands and hall, and hopefully one them, Char Katzeek, will be selling her fry bread.  Get out and enjoy the sunshine and dry roads today. Looks like more snow and rain are in the forecast.



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