Plugged in, Sort of.

Chip, JJ, and I are all living together these days while she student teaches in the kindergarten. Our daughter calls us "the three best friends." She's joking, sort of. Chip and JJ are both adept at all the devices-- you know-- computers, iPads, the iPhone music dock, satellite radio and TV, the DVD player and even that recording thing that lets them fast forward through commercials. Me, I'm a dial and  knob girl. I know how to turn the knob on the radio on and dial in the signal, and I'm fine with just one station, KHNS. When they switch to a radio station from space or the Internet I can't tell what time it is. I know when I hear the news that it is about seven or eight in the morning, and that when country music is playing it must be after noon. The digital TV and DVD player is the greatest mystery to me. The remotes might as well guide drones over Afghanistan. There's that, and I've always thought TV was bad for your health. My mother believed television was a gateway drug to a life of sloth and decadence. She said if we must sit on the couch then at least read a book. Also, TV makes me a little queasy, like being car sick, both the motion and sound of it. (Not to mention the so-called news.) Still, I like to watch Gold Rush Alaska to see Haines and people I know (and I don't mind when Chip and JJ fast forward through the other guys to get to Parker and John at Porcupine.) I have also become a fan of Downton Abbey.  Last night when my two best friends told me I could watch last season's episodes on the iPad I didn't believe them. Then they sat me on the window seat and plugged me in with ear phones and made a few taps on the screen and- voila-- I watched a whole TV show that way. It was amazing, and I didn't get sick at all. Although I did feel really guilty, like I should have been reading a book. 


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