Good Morning, I Think

 The sounds of the morning drift up the stairs: "Hey, stop chewing on my shoe-- it is on my foot, ouch, ouch!" "Hey let go of my sock." "Hey, that's my library book." "That's the coffee table not a bone." "Are you guys sure you wanted a dog?" With a background soundtrack of a growling terrier being chased by a barking puppy and an alarming number of crashes. Then there was a huge one that stilled, silenced and shook the whole house. The snow finally broke loose from the roof and crashed in the yard. I stumbled down the stairs and got all bundled up to walk the charming puppy only to step out into much softer snow and a warm gale. Turns out it's 44 degrees and really windy. (And almost light at seven, which is wonderful.) If the weather holds this will be a good weekend to be indoors watching basketball games. The Dick Hotch tournament has a facebook page now, if you want updates or schedule information. Also, the heliskiers are starting to arrive. They are easy to spot, since they are in expensive ski clothes and have European accents. If you want to be in a quieter place than the gym or a bar full of rowdy adventure athletes, I bet there won't be any basketball players or heliskiers at the annual Valentine Tea at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow afternoon from 1-3. They'll be plenty of  China tea cups and saucers, dainty treats, and lively, though well mannered conversations. Guess the puppy will have to stay home. She will be visiting veterinarian Dr. Wolfe at the shot clinic Monday at noon. Dr. Wolfe is in town until Valentine's Day, call 766-2867 for an appointment. 



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