Another Spring Day? Happy Thursday!

  When it snowed again last night I groaned, but it didn't  amount to anything, and it sure feels like spring this morning, with a warm breeze, a setting crescent moon, and dawn's light at seven. JJ and I walked home from Morning Muscles and we were dressed too warmly. I keep grabbing my hat, mittens, and down jacket out of habit. We are all getting ready for the next grand baby, Stoli is due March 19, but yesterday we thought the baby's birthday might be forever celebrated in Valentine pink instead of St. Patrick green. Luckily things have settled down, but I am packing a bag for Sitka, where she will be delivering, just in case. Speaking of Sitka, the Glacier Bear girls are there playing Mt. Edgecumbe this weekend-- they took the ferry to Juneau yesterday and the jet over to the island last night. The boys basketball team will have their last home games of the season against Edgecumbe this weekend. The DDF kids are off to the state championship in Anchorage with high hopes, and on Saturday it's the Winter Olympics at the Fairgrounds from 10-2, with all kinds of crazy fun outdoor games for kids big and little. Friends and family are saying goodbye to Barbara Woods today at 5pm in a "casual" potluck at the Elks. (The rustic 26-mile grandma and great grandma died last Saturday, and would not have wanted a formal send off, her family said.) Today is also Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, and the SEARHC clinic is closed to honor the Alaska civil rights leader. There will be a spaghetti dinner and sheet cake to remember her accomplishments at the Haines ANS Hall, from 4-6:30, bring a salad to share. The slump on Lutak Road continues to be monitored, but it seems to have slowed down some. There’s not much to see, but I did take some pictures last week of the cracks and bumps and the crews drilling test holes for the geologists and engineers. Local officials, area residents, and landowners are anxiously awaiting the results. 





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