Lovely Day

 I am not even going mention the foot of snow, the rain, the wind, the knee deep slush. Nope, it's bad form to complain about the weather, again. I am thankful that the roof is still on. I will say that down here at sea level, last night's slurricane has dropped the snow pack in the yard about 2 feet. Up on the hill it has no doubt added just as much.  On the way to Morning Muscles at 6 it was raining here and snowing at the top of Cemetery Hill and the slush in the road was like driving in a kind of sticky paste. It's a good day to stay in bed with the flu. It's knocked a few usually hardy folks flat, and I know I felt it coming on and slept 12 hours the other night and do feel better.  I wonder if Senator Murkowski is taking the ferry. If not, she might not get here today (2-3:30 at the Eagle Foundation.) This is also Shrove Tuesday, the day we Episcopalians have a potluck pancake supper to fill up on fat and sweets before Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. I'm kind of looking forward to Lent. That means Easter, and spring, can't be too far off.  Remember spring?



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