Child-to-Child Haitian Relief

 Jacob Weerasinghe, 5,  raised over 250 dollars Saturday for Haitian earthquake victims at Lutak Lumber  selling hot cocoa. "His Uncle Roger bought two cups for forty dollars and someone else gave a hundred dollars" dad Nishan said. He told me that he didn't think Jacob paid much attention when the TV news was on, but apparently he does. "He saw the bodies," Nishan said, " especially all the children, and he wanted to help." Nishan figured his little boy could set up the winter version of a lemonade stand at the lumber yard. Nishan's family has helped with other relief efforts. The Weerasinghes are originally from Sri Lanka and were involved in the aid effort following the  Christmas tsunami and even lost some relatives to it. They pitched in with funds again following hurricane Katrina. Nishan said he thinks Samaritan's Purse is able to send more donations to the victims faster than many other relief groups, so that's where Jacob's child-to-child donations will be sent. 


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