Busy Morning

My daughter needed me this morning-- the one with the baby here in Haines, Sarah-- not the one about to have a baby in Sitka, Stoli. (Well, technically the baby is due March 16, but she has been sent over early because the doctors think the baby could come anytime. Grandma is on standby.) Anyway, I wanted to be sure you knew about Rainy Kasko's cedar hat making workshop at the library tonight at 7:00pm, the Haines Comprehensive Plan update meeting tonight from 6-7 in the Assembly Chambers, and that you plan to attend the Northern Light Showcase Saturday at 7pm in the Chilkat Center, a talent show of sorts for grown-ups, from the Haines Arts Council. There will be music and readings and other acts. It is always a highlight of the winter. Saturday from 10-5 is the Venture Scout's adventure race for women, a scavenger hunt for adults modeled on shows like Survivor, call Greg Podsiki for details, there still may be teams who need someone. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:30-4:30 the library will be hosting a "human book" event. You may check out a local person and ask them questions about his or her life. There will be lots of interesting folks participating.  There is a big Jr. High baskeball tournament all weekend at the school and the ski trails are groomed at the golf course and 26 mile. It is a busy time. It has been a very busy morning around here as well, what with  teaching a two year-old and a puppy to share-- with mixed results.


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