Sitka Bound

When I decided not to go to Florida with Chip this week to see Grandma Joanne and have a colonoscopy I figured Stoli's baby would arrive early, but then I volunteered to host the the church Lenten Supper Wednesday at our house, and that apparently did the trick. Things have started happening with Stoli, who has been in Sitka with her husband for a week--  a little labor last night and other changes--  so I'm on my way.  I've been singing, "My bags are packed I'm ready to go..." but I won't be leaving Haines on a jet plane (we don't have any at our airport) or any plane today as the snow is falling right down to the waterline. Pilot Sam did say he might try it, but I assured the folks at Wings of Alaska that it wasn't an emergency, and with just two flights to Sitka today anyway, we had already missed the morning one-- I'll just catch the ferry at 12:30, arrive in Juneau at 5:30,  have a nice dinner with Eliza, and then  board  the 10:15  jet for the half-hour hop over to Sitka. The girls are holding down the fort and playing with Pearl. Wouldn't  a leap year baby be something? I'll keep you posted. (Oh, curious about the Florida colonoscopy? Turns out they cost about 4 times more in Juneau than in Orlando, and for we self-insured with high deductibles that's about a 3000 dollar difference. Can you say health care reform?)


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