Welcome to the World Lani Stephanova Lynch

 All 6lbs. 11 oz. and 19.5 inches of you, with that dark wavy hair and your mother's nose and father's eyes, at 2:40 am on March 1 in Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka, with Grandma Mimi assisting in the most helpful of ways. After speaking with Stoli Monday, I had a feeling she was in early labor, she insisted that was not so (Lani was not due until March 16)  but I took a ferry to Juneau, and then the night jet from Juneau to Sitka, arriving about midnight on the 28th. The 29th was sunny and mild and we took a walk in Totem Park and pretty soon it was obvious that the baby was on the way. We went over to the hospital and after a long afternoon and evening -- little Lani decided she wanted a birthday more than once every four years so she held out until the wee hours of March 1--  her textbook arrival brought smiles ( and a few happy tears) all the way around. We are still smiling, and still a little teary, and all so very happy. 



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