Jupiter Aligns with Mud Bay Road

Last night we looked at the moons of Jupiter. We could see them up over the white mountains, in the deep blue sky, lined up at an angle, just like the pictures of the planets we looked at in school and that mobile of the solar system that spun in the sun and dust motes near the ceiling of the fifth grade classroom. Well, not exactly. We didn't see the large striped pastel planet, or the smaller white moons hanging from fishing line. My husband and I saw a bright star with four tiny stars in row, like a dotted line , bisecting it.  We saw our moon and Venus too, nearby. You'd think it would be no big deal to know those sparklers are other planets. But it is. It is astonishing to me, that one minute I can be looking at the heavens, the whole universe above me, and the next I can be talking to a neighbor, phoning from Juneau to say her eye doctor appointment went very well, but she'll be down there another day, and not to worry about her cats. They have water and food and the litter box in the basement. Do you think that's why the planets have aligned just so right now? To remind us to be watching for miracles large and small? Like Jupiter's moons twinkling above the roof and a litter box in the basement?  


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