Lots Going On. Mark Your Calendars.

 I have a to-do list a mile long before I babysit Caroline after lunch-- and you should make your list of stuff happening in Haines too, if you are here,  so you don't miss anything--and if you are not, know that we are all crawling out of hibernation. Do you think it is possible that the cherry trees will flower with their trunks still deep in the snow? Maybe? That's another story. Anyway, tonight it is Bowl For Kid's Sake, a big Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser from 4-6 in the elementary gym. Even if you don't have a bowling team, stop by to bid on great silent auction items or try Tomi's  Wi bowling game. 6-8 is the KHNS wine tasting fundraiser (no jokes about needing a glass after two hours of bowling with kids...) and the Fireweed is opening tonight. (JJ will be waiting tables. Adam has new items on the menu, Melina has new paintings on the walls, and Lisa has remodeled.) Tomorrow is the Dolphins swim team swim-a-thon at 9-11am so stop in to watch and donate to the team, and there's a flea market is at the ANB/ANS Hall 11-2, with deer stew or sisterhood stew for lunch. Tomorrow night the HARK fundraiser is at 5:30 at the school, featuring stir fry and a dessert auction. No doubt Debra is baking so you should be there to grab one of her desserts. Sunday is not just Palm Sunday, there is also the Olen Nash memorial Big Air contest up in the pass at noon, and at 3 it is the annual Blessing of the Fleet-- the women's choir will sing. Monday night at the library is a special Community Matters demonstration on how to communicate better on hot topics with guest expert Bill Hall at 6:30. Tuesday (April 3! Already?) is a really cool, once in lifetime (maybe) for Haines anyway, modern dance performance at 7pm in the Chilkat Center. The Arts Council presents Thodos Dance Chicago. Tickets will go fast, so pick yours up at the Babbling Book this weekend. (Buy a book while you are there. Put one in your sweetheart's Easter basket next Sunday. It is so much nicer than an e-reader.) Also, you really should make time to walk while there is no wind and the tide is going out. Finally,  I did want to thank you all for the wonderful book help, I have much to write about.  Now, if anyone can figure out why my watch alarm keeps going off at 9:41 every morning that would be great.

Since I am throwing in everything but the kitchen sink today, I figured you'd like this picture of lovely Lani sleeping through another noisy family dinner. (Don't you hate grandmothers who make you look at their babies?) But honestly, doesn't this make you breathe a little easier? Don't you wish you could sleep like that? 


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