Finding the Good

It's a little slow around here this morning, since the guy who usually wakes us all up slept in. Chip had to go to the ferry last night about midnight to help other Arts Council members pick up the Thodos dance troupe from Chicago. Actually, they came from Skagway and were supposed to be here for a potluck supper (the salmon we cooked on the grill is still in the foil) but apparently the bow thrusters on the ferry broke and they took a while to repair. This morning at Morning Muscles, the potluck tables were still set up in the theater lobby where were usually meet, so we took the stage. The newly refinished floor and back-lit scrim made us feel almost like dancers, but not quite. I think we probably grunt and groan a lot more, and half the time when Marnie says "lift your right arm" we lift the left. Guess the Morning Muscles ladies will not be opening for Thodos tonight at 7pm, but we will be there, to see what fit, athletic dancers can do. I can't remember the last time we had a dance performance in Haines, and I don't want to miss it. Stoli said she might bring Lani, since the baby-who-never-cries has been enjoying Zumba with her mother while her father is participating in what often is the most exciting fishery in Alaska, the Sitka Sac Roe Herring opener. As for me, I have about 350 emails to answer today. Seriously. I wrote a guest blog for a bookish website called Dear Reader. It is very short, a paragraph, but it has resounded with the dear readers. (I love them now, as flattery really does get you far. Who doesn't like to hear good things about what they do?) It is the same title as the new book I'm writing, Finding the Good, and part of the quest I've been on to make my own fair weather. Which is why when puppy Pearl tore a branch off my beloved and still snowbound cherry tree, I put it in water with some dogwood and cottonwood branches and Spring is now blooming in my living room.



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