Is Sun News?

You bet it is. This morning my Tlingit big game hunting guide friend called and asked, as usual, what the weather was doing at my house, and I told him the daffodils were blooming. I say that everyday, even when it is snowing sideways, but if it weren't for the few feet of snow on top of them it could be true today. The good news is that the snow is melting fast thanks to all the sunshine and warm weather-- the terns and gulls and ducks are back, Little Dave caught a 27 inch cutthroat ice fishing at Chilkat Lake, and JJ saw three moose on her morning run, so be cautious of cows and calves. Also, the bears have climbed out of the den we have been watching across the river.  The big game guide asked what we are doing today. My husband looked up at the mountains and said, " tell him we're going heli-skiing." "What?" The guide  who has never hiked a mountain except to shoot a goat or a sheep said.  "Chip says to bring Henry," I said.  Henry is a an elder Louisiana born and bred fisherman and gunsmith who refuses to wear earring aids. "Oh sure," the big guide game laughed. "I'll tell him to put on his Lycra and we can all pose for the pictures. When do we leave?"



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