A Pyramid Island Postcard

There are two times a year when the tides are low enough and the Chilkat River is dry enough to walk to Pyramid Island on the tide flats, Spring and Fall, and the Spring walk usually falls around Easter, so while we were all watching the kids find Easter Eggs Sunday, my friends Teresa, Jane, Fran and I decided to walk to the island the next morning, on the low tide.  I suggested hip boots, Jane thought waders would be good. Teresa hoped to wear her pink plaid rubber boots, but used hip boots instead. As Fran so aptly noted,"How cool is is that when we had to choose between Xtra-Tufs, hip boots, or waders, we all had all three? Only in Alaska." The hike took about two hours and you really shouldn't try it if you are unfamiliar with the river and tides and aren't prepared to wait out the tide change on the island. The river channels by the island especially are swift and deep. (I had to carry Pearl over one.)


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