Finding the Good

So, I have spent the morning, well most of it, organizing my notes for the new book, which is called Finding the Good (for now anyway) and will be published by Algonquin as soon as I finish it. My wonderful editor has decided to help me by making a couple of deadlines, July 1 for part of it and September 1 for all of it. That means I will be working this summer, a lot. (Well, writing is not exactly like the other summer work around here. It is easier than commercial fishing, rafting visitors down wild rivers, or stacking boards at our lumberyard.) It also means I'll be changing the blog schedule to evenings from mornings, well after I do my real work, rather than before, since there are only so many productive writing hours in my day, what with the kids, the grand babies (another one is due May 19!) the garden and walking Pearl, I'll need to maximize them. Speaking of Pearl, she would be in the dog house if we had one, instead she's in my office with me, burping. She dragged some hunk of foul smelling carrion off to the bushes on our walk this morning and would not let go. The good news is that I remembered what my training gurus all say-- and I did not yell her name in anger or chase her around the brush and the beach ranting like a crazy woman. I calmly but firmly said "No." Really loud, and then swore, and then grabbed her by the collar and picked up the gunky thing  and chucked it where Pearl wouldn't go. (I did have to throw the mittens away.) As for Pearl, she puked, and is clearly feeling a little low, and resting, which is also good, for now, since that means I have a little more time to write. (And perhaps she learned a lesson?) God I love that dog.



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