Signs of Spring

This morning as we pedaled by Doug walking to work, Chip said, "There's a nice little cinnamon near Brouillette's." Doug heard that through his iPod headphones and snapped to attention and smiled, "Sweet." They were not talking about the aroma of breakfast rolls from the Brouillette's roadside house. They meant a cinnamon colored black bear. A fat, healthy and, I thought, big,  black bear, but then when you surprise one rooting around in the skunk cabbage they all look huge, don't they? My dog Pearl has been sitting in the backyard staring at the rafts of migrating mallards and cocking her head at the hawks hovering over the drift wood piles in search of voles. Robins confound her with their cheery song, and I think she thought the hummingbird yesterday was a large bee. She backed up as it zipped by. Chip has also been watching the show, he likes to spot the wolves running along the opposite shore at Pyramid Harbor and call next door to tell Roger where to look. There have been sea lions, too, splashing in the shallows near the island. So while the dirty snow piles persist, and the emerging brush and grasses just look brown and beat down by this winter's record snow, Spring has arrived with many wings and a bear. Maybe the band of  Liam, Jimmy and Julia will turn that into some kind of song tomorrow night at the SE Alaska State Fair's annual Spring Fling. I'm off now to walk Pearl and then onto Barb's retirement party at the library from 2-4, see you there? And remember, it's time to make sure your trash is bear proofed. They are awake.


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