Sore Knees, Happy Heart

 My knees are sore thanks to the nice weather ( well, relatively nice: sunshine, and  mild temperatures in the mid to high 20s, although it is kind of windy, especially on the Skagway side of town)  and the extra hour of daylight we've gained this month. I have been up to Lily Lake and back on the trail from the water plant ( and I'm not the only one, there are lots of us, including the elementary school kids last week.) The Mt. Ripinsky main trail is a lot bumpier, but improves with altitude and was very nice at the microwave tower, and I've heard, is even nicer up the Piedad Trail above 2,000 feet. The ski track on the golf course is fast and easy, and when I was there yesterday afternoon there were four kite skiers out on the river flats. I've heard the snowmachine trails out the valley are full of traffic as well, although the bumps and dips on one caused John's friend Henry to accidentally swallow his snoose. John told us about it this morning at breakfast. He came by for some home grown eggs and decaf coffee. (The hens have noticed the daylight and are laying again too.) John says he quit the regular coffee when he realize he needed it to get out of bed. I know I do, but I guess I think that's a good thing. If it weren't for coffee I'd sleep until sunrise, and that, until recently, has been nearly mid-day.
This time of year being outdoors is nature's anti-depressant and the trails are easier to navigate than most of the roads and sidewalks, which require ice gripping cleats, and are, like Emily Dickinson wrote, as hard and polished as if they have been " brushed by brooms of steel."  I'm so glad the fair board has revived the Haines Winter Olympics, mark your calendars for a day of fun outdoors at the fairgrounds on February 6.
My husband just walked by my desk on the stair landing on his way up to read in bed and said,  "all you have to write is 'thank God for another day living with Chip Lende.'" Then he hollered, "it's like a hurricane up here." I had to open the windows all over the house because he burned the smoked salmon quiche (like I said, we have a lot of eggs these days) while I was in my post-snowshoe and pre-dinner shower. He was watching the news in the living room and didn't notice the smell or the thick smoke swirling around his head.  By the time I got downstairs the air was gray with it, the dogs were even coughing, and I had to open all the doors and windows and crank up the woodstove. (I had forgotten about the upstairs windows when I closed the rest.) Turns out the quiche was fine, the pie pan overflowed and the eggs and cheese hit the oven floor and caught on fire is all.  


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