The News From Pearl's Beach

 Every morning I listen to the news on the radio and scan the Internet papers to find out what's going in the world. Pearl gets the first news of her day from the sights, sounds, and smells of our morning walk. (Part of it, I suspect, is Pearl's aristocratic pedigree, her father was English, so she thinks she is the Duchess of the Chilkat and responsible for the well-being of her people, animals, and land.) Well, it has been a news-filled weekend. On Saturday morning Pearl got to send off Jess and Kevin as they embarked on a three week paddle, ski, and hike from here to Dry Bay via Glacier Bay. (We saw them just as we were getting ready for a bike ride, and Chip figured they'd like some hot coffee before they left, and he also gave them a baggie full of black bear pepper sticks which they added to their ample kit, figuring a bit of bear would help them climb over the mountains.) Yes, they are serious adventurers and it will be an epic trip. In addition to all the usual news--  playing with the judge and his three Bernese mountain dogs, Johnny and his dog Dolly on their daily rounds, and JR and Sabine's retrievers Toby and Shelby-- Pearl made  regular checks on the kids and baby next door, all that fresh dirt in Fran's garden on the other side of the yard,  found a dead duck in the tide-line (what happened?Maybe an eagle dropped it?), inspected the now clean chicken coop waiting for new chicks, and was shy of the welcome rain (what is that? Pearl is a winter puppy and spring has been very dry so far. Now it is suddenly so green)- if that weren't all enough, we got to witness a crazy feeding frenzy last night with hundreds of shorebirds diving and calling, and dozens of  splashing seals and roaring sea lions. It was a lot like the hooligan run, but too early, so we suspected they were dining on herring.  Needless to say, there is a lot going in Pearl's world at the moment. In our world, Nancy Nash's older students have a voice and piano recital tonight at 7:00 at the museum, and looking ahead to a busy May  weekend, the home track meet is Friday and Saturday, the community clean-up begins Saturday with a kick off at the bank at 11:00, and includes a picnic for all picker-uppers until 3:00, the watershed council is doing a Chilkat River clean-up, meeting at 9:00 Saturday at the their parking lot, lunch is provided, and HARK community pooper troopers muster at 1:00 at the kennel on Small Tracts Road. I'm afraid we will miss the good clean fun, as JJ graduates from UAA this weekend and we're heading north to be proud parents of our fourth college grad. (Phew.)

The next evening there was a lot more traffic in the inlet...


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