Waiting for the Sun to Shine

 It is a kind waiting day-- waiting for the rain and wind to stop so I can garden, waiting for Sarah to have the baby, waiting for the temperature to warm-up so the chicks can move to the coop, waiting for the inspiration to write something brilliant for the new book, waiting for the battery to charge on my camera so I can take more pictures. I searched the house for the charger for two days, convinced that one of the kids had borrowed it since it was not in any of its three or four usual outlets. Chip helped me find it this morning. It was in my suitcase. The one I took to Anchorage. If I did have a working camera I'd take  a photo of his "I-told-you-so" face. I do hope the rain quits for the Chilkat River Walk tomorrow (begins at 8 am in Klukwan, the bus leaves the Haines School at 7:15 for the whole thing, and at 9:30 for 10-mile.) Meanwhile, at the school from 10-12 there is a Headstart bake sale and a Farmers Market plant sale. You can get your car washed Sunday at 4 by the Venturer Scouts across from the post office, and this the final weekend of the community clean up. Really, the weather is not so bad if you dress properly and lower your expectations. Just pretend this is March, not May, and you'll be glad so much of the snow is gone and the leaves are already popping out.  Also, it may help to think of rain storms the way Mary Oliver does in her poem Clouds-- as the source for so much of our summer recreation and sustenance.

All afternoon, Sir,

your ambassadors have been turning

into lakes and rivers.


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