Mother's Day Morning at Church

Still waiting on the new grand baby, which is fine, since she is not due until Saturday. (Although I know Sarah would like her to arrive sooner, since she has to wait in Juneau to be near the hospital and would rather be home.) I figured if I scheduled Pearl's spay surgery surely I would have to leave town in a hurry, but that hasn't happened, at least so far.  Pearl is at the vet right now. For Mother's Day yesterday Stoli and baby Lani and I went to the Presbyterian Church. Stoli is a regular, and since it was her first Mother's Day I wanted to be with her, plus, she is my only child who attends church regularly and I am so happy about that I want to support her even if she prefers a more out-going form of worship than we Episcopalians are used to. The Presbyterians do not go in for Bach and plainsong. They play guitars and sing into microphones over there, and the energetic song leaders up front alternate hip new praise songs with a few old faithful hymns.  The church is crowded and lively and the sermon was all about loving our neighbors, even the ones we don't like so well, which is always a good message. Next week there will be full immersion baptisms (not for little Lani, thank goodness) at the Port Chilkoot Dock. The water is about 40 degrees, and if  this weather keeps up, the air will be, too. When someone asked if it would still be on if it rained, Pastor Horn replied, "Sure, they're going to get wet anyway."


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