Monday Morning News, Sort of.

Well, Saturday's Chilkat River Walk was more like a wet wrestle with the elements, what with the rain and wind-- gusts to 35 mph, the weather service said, but I think they were higher.  (This is no doubt why the season's first Farmers Market held indoors at the school was so much more crowded.) It was hard to stay on the bike and a few walkers turned their backs to the nastiest blasts and looked like they may have to hold on to the guard rails to keep from blowing into the river. Candi Bradford walked all 21 miles, and wisely chose to keep the wind at her back and walk from town out to the village. Stan Hotch walked all the way in from his Klukwan home and Shannon McPhetres rode the bus out, but also completed the entire 21 miles into town. She said she changed shoes and socks frequently, and since she is the volunteer co-coordinator for Hospice of Haines, felt that walking to raise funds for the cancer travel fund was something she wanted to do, no matter what the weather (or how bad her blisters are today.) She told me she'd had so many friends who had cancer, "the least I can do is walk 21 miles." My guess is about a half dozen cyclists completed the course, and about that many more walkers completed upwards of ten miles each. Speaking of long walks in bad weather, Jess and Kevin, who left here three weeks ago Saturday for a paddle, trek, and ski trip over the mountains and through the inlets to Dry Bay are home safe.  They told friends that they had one day without precipitation, and although it was a great adventure, they did not get beyond Glacier Bay, as weather delayed them and then Jess had a dental emergency and had to fly out of Gustavus  for treatment in Juneau. The weather wasn't any better down there this weekend for the Region V track meet. The Haines kids are used to playing outside though, and had a great time with both girls and boys winning the small schools championships which means the whole team will travel north to the state championship. All this rotten weather and outdoor activity means one thing for sure: there are lot of shoes and other gear drying inside by the heater or stove all over town. (Including are just washed bikes.)




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