Busy week-- graduation, promotion, beer, memorials, and fishing.

Haines High graduation is tonight at 7 -- and tomorrow also at the school, same time, is 8th grade promotion. Tomorrow at noon on the Parade Grounds the American Legion opens the Moving Wall exhibit, a traveling version of the Vietnam War  memorial wall, then Friday the 20th annual (and all sold-out) Great Alaskan Craft Beer  fest kicks off with the brewers dinner. Saturday morning it's the Slammin' Salmon Run at the fair before all the beer tasting and the Hospice of Haines garage sale at the old Thunderbird motel to disburse the contents before it is torn down-- and the annual King Salmon Derby begins. (They are running, I've had some, thanks to lucky fisherman friend.) If that is not enough-- it is supposed to be in the 60s so the garden plants and chicks should be able to move outside. Be careful in all the crowds though-- as there are some bugs running around town -- from colds and hay fever to  pink eye  and (yikes!)  Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease --so be sure to wash your hands a lot and be careful about passing babies around. Finally,  for now anyway--if you'd like some creative stimulation, next weekend (May 30- June 2) is the Northwords  writer's symposium in Skagway. Here's a piece I wrote about it for 49Writers. 


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