The Little Things

There are so many big things going on-- last night's wonderful high school graduation (the best ever, until next year) the first cruise ship of the season, the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Moving Wall on the Parade Grounds, Spring-- not to mention the new baby, the other two grand babies, and our grown children who are almost all home and will be this weekend-- my son's 23rd birthday was yesterday, we are having the cake tonight. -Anyway, like I said, with so many very big things going on that I can't quite wrap my head around them all-- I am grateful for today's little things. This afternoon I went into The Parts Place to buy a seat cover for my car (Pearl has moved from the gated back to the front seat) and to order a baby car seat. (Auntie JJ has the old one that I was using in her car at the moment, and she might as well keep it, what with all her nieces.)  So, after I promised Tomi I'd be at ladies golf night Thursday, and she found me a nylon seat cover made just for dogs,  I asked if she had any car seats in her store. "You mean for children?" I nodded. She said no. Then she said, "but I can get you one." I said that would be great and asked her to order one. She said that might take a while. It would be easier to have one of her sisters who lives in Juneau buy one for me there and ship it up. Tomi asked if I knew what brand, and I didn't, so she said she just got one to use for her own nieces, with an infant insert, so it fits multi-ages, and suggested I get that kind so it would work for all three grandchildren. I agreed. "When do you think it will be here?" I asked. "Probably tomorrow," Tomi said."Will that work?"  When I climbed back in the car, Susie was volunteering on the radio, and after a country song about old hippies "dedicated to a lot of guys like that I know," she reminded us all to "make eye contact." She said looking folks in the eye and nodding or smiling, especially to our visitors, is a friendly thing to do and makes the world a better place.  I was thinking about that as I ducked into the grocery store for ice cream to go with that cake tonight and so I smiled and said hello after I almost bumped into a tourist couple off that cruise ship. The man said, "This is such a nice little town." He clearly wasn't talking about Main Street, which is all dug up at the moment for road and sidewalk repairs and with the drizzle looked fairly bleak. But I knew exactly what he meant. "Yes it is," I said. "Hope you have a good visit." "Do you live here?" He asked. "Yes," I said. "Aren't I lucky?" "I don't know if I could take the winters," he said. "Oh they're not too bad," I said. On a day like today, so full of car seats and eye contact, I can't even remember all that snow.



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