Grandmas and Grease Paint

My friend Annette sent an email inviting me to audition for a play, C.B. Gilford's "Bull in a China Shop" being put on by Lynn Canal Community Players. In her note, Annette said it was about six little old ladies who are smitten by a handsome young homicide detective who moves into their neighborhood. After all their advances fail, they attract him with something they know he is interested in: murder. They apparently kill someone so he'll spend more time with them. It is supposed to be very funny (hilarious is the word on the audition poster) in an Ellery Queen meets Alfred Hitchcock Presents sort of way.  Annette wrote, " you might get a kick out playing one of the little old ladies." This is what happens when you become a grandma.  Another thing that happens is that every time you hold that grand baby you feel as if you have swallowed  a helium balloon. Actually, you feel that way just thinking about her.
Auditions for "Bull in a China Shop" are Thursday and Friday at 7:15  at the museum (right after choir practice, so Annette will snare all the gray-haired little old ladies in the group.) Performances are March 26 & 27. There are also parts for 5 men, I believe.


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